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    In this section you can find the information of the activities that I am proposing throughout the year in different places. Hopefully you can join any of them!


    I have been a psychotherapist for 20 years now. Time passes and it continues to be one of my great passions to walk with other person in the path of transformation, self-knowledge and healing of past wounds.

    I do face-to-face psychotherapy also via Skype.  If you are interested in having an interview, please write to my email: kbertolotto@gmail.com or info@transpersonal-art-therapy.com

    Individual psychotherapy


    Workshops around the world


    “The Art of the Path”- Unveil the mask


    By following our inner compass, we will redefine our relationship with ourselves and trust the power of our creative core.

    Our difficulty to blossom in life stems from our fear of losing control. We usually want to have control over situations and things, as this gives us a sense of comfort and security.  In order to protect ourselves from harm and make our way in the world, we place different masks which compose our personality, over our true self.


    Our personality, helps us to know and do what we sense is required to please, to fit in and relate well with others, in order to get our basic needs met.This is fine since we were children, but as we grow these masks begin to trap us and prevent us from living out of our authentic self. 


    We are afraid of sharing our inner light, for fear that it may be extinguished.

    We are afraid of sharing our inner darkness, for fear that we will be humiliated, hurt, exposed and rejected.

    As a result we hide our true identity and we gradually separated from our own souls. We end up living half-hearted and divided lives.

    As we keep holding our masks we can never really open up and be honest about our true beliefs and feelings, not even with ourselves. 

    So in order to move into life and to explore its infinite possibilities, it is necessary to come into contact with our false self. As we are moving towards acknowledging and identifying aspects of our conditioned character (the ego), we open ourselves to genuine values ​​and to a new creative potential.

    By throwing our masks away is leading us to taste real freedom and allow us to be whoever we truly are.

    Having the courage to acknowledge our limitations, understand our own personality traits, behaviors, beliefs, needs, motives and embrace our own vulnerability,  is the process in which we begin knowing truly ourselves.

    During this two-day experiential workshop we will use several techniques, methods based on art therapy, body-oriented psychotherapy, meditation, group reflection and sharings, which will help us to develop self awareness and enhance our healing process.

    So we will be able to

    ●  Recognize the obstacles that are blocking our creative flow

    ●  Connect with and learn to trust our innate creative potential

    ●  Discover the inner strength and self-confidence that allows our creativity to blossom naturally

    ●  Recognize the potential for change and our capacity to make choices in order to live an authentic and meaningful life.


    Intuition is our inner compass, and it can guide us through life’s journey and its challenges. But  in order for this to happen, it is essential to take self responsibility and allow ourselves to explore our own internal and external process, as it appears and emerges here and now, in relation to us and to all around us. This will help us to attain awareness of how we are acting, what we are experiencing and also we will gain an understanding of what prevents us from venturing into life. 


    Through this experiential process we will co-create an environment that embraces the uniqueness of each individual, whilst simultaneously integrating the greater power manifested by the unified energy of the group.


    By embracing aspects of our personality, the beauty of our Being is revealed whilst it is manifested the power of creativity that is dwelling in us 

    As we are listening to our creative core, a whole range of new possibilities unfolds right in front of us!



    For anyone  who is searching for real connection with himself/herself in a deeper and loving approach.

    No previous experience in meditation or therapy is necessary.



    Karina Bertolotto

    - Degree in Psychology, Catholic University Uruguay.

    - Master Humanistic Psychology, Instituto Erich Fromm, Barcelona.

    - Somatic Therapy and Movement, Espai de Gestalt,  Barcelona.

    - SAT Institute,  Integrative Program for Transformation,  Claudio Naranjo.

    - Doctorate candidate in Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

    - Professional member of the European Transpersonal Association EUROTAS.


    Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, she has over 20 years of experience as a psychologist and art-therapist. Her approach combines a deep knowledge of the relationship between mind, body and emotions: She helps her clients explore and transform this relationship through a wide array of tools.

    She has studied all over the world, both in Academic and independent Institutions. She has a deep knowledge of the Eneagrama as developed by Claudio Naranjo and of its applications in group facilitation and therapy. She is familiar with the shamanic traditions of Peru and Mexico. Her spiritual practices are inspired by Sri Prem Baba with whom she had been spending some time in India.

    She has been teaching Art Therapy since 2005 until now in the Master of Music Therapy in Barcelona ‘s University.

    She is a passionate student, traveler and mother of two sons. She lives in the multicultural district of Raval in Barcelona in a large house where she loves to invite her friends.

    At the heart of her home is her art-studio.


    Georgia-Stavroula Kokkori

    She graduated from the Polytechnic School of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Patras. She worked as an Engineer in France, but her need for a deeper meaning of life and a connection to her inner world led her on an inner and outer journey of experience and knowledge for the next 12 years, where she engaged in a different kinds of intensive workshops and trainings of psycho-spiritual and psycho-therapeutic nature!!


    She has been trained in Gestalt psychotherapy at the CGSI (Centro Gestaltico de San Isidoro) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and then remained there for some time as an assistant teacher.

    Also, her interest has been oriented on training programs concerning "coaching with symbols" and team building games. She has been participating in workshops of physical theater, dance theater but also she has been participating in different groups of therapy based on  Pathwork and Gestalt.


    She had been facilitating workshops on personal development and self-improvement in Argentina. She was a member of a training of the FHBJ Coordination’s team of the Holistic Adolescent Educational program at UNIPAZ Brazil. At the same time, as a member of  Brazilian NGO, that aimed to provide a new form of awareness in the field of Education, she was actively involved in the formulation of methodology for teachers in order to develop socio-emotional skills.

    She is currently pursuing her studies in Core Energetics Body Psychotherapy.


    She returned to Greece about a year and a half ago, where she lives and works in Athens, giving individual sessions and organizing seminars. Her work inspires and incorporates elements from different therapeutic approaches, where body movement and self-expression are used as important tools to discover and explore aspects of the somatic Self in order for the person to gain a more harmonious relationship with him.


    Course language:

    This workshop is conducted in English. The English that is used by our facilitators is clear and normally very easy to follow, even for a person with average English skills. If necessary greek translation is available.



    Saturday  07/03/20:

    Morning session:11:30 am to 14:30pm

    Free time / Lunch break: 14:30pm  to 16:00pm

    Afternoon session:16:00pm to 20:00pm



    Morning session:9:00am to 1:30pm

    Free time / Lunch break: 1:30pm  to 3:00pm

    Afternoon session: 3:00pm to 06:00pm


    Early Bird fee: Available until  16/02/20 80€

    Full fee: Available from 17/02/20 to 07/03/20 100€


    Booking is essential due to limited places.

    In order to book your place 50€ is required, non-refundable.


    Venue:Four Rivers Flow - Yoga Studio - Troon 93 & Driopon, 11852 Athens, Greece


    What to bring:

    Please bring a cushion for meditation or a normal cushion to sit on the floor, comfortable clothes and a water bottle


    For booking and more information please contact us

    by email: geostako@yahoo.gr, or by call: (+30)6943718881.


    Organising: Georgia-Stavroula Kokkori